Palette adidas Padel Training 2018

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The new adidas TRAINING CTRL shovel is the ultimate model for players looking for a shovel with maximum comfort. Its composition in FIBER GLASS and the EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber provide the best sensations. SMART LINEAL HOLES provide the best durability.

MANEJABILITY The format and the balance allow to generate fast and precise movements.

COMFORT The SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber together with the FIBER GLASS provide maximum comfort.

POWER The composition of the blade provides optimal power.
EVA RUBBER SOFT PERFORMANCE Power without giving up the ball exit 100% FIBER GLASS BRAIDED Equip the paddle with maximum comfort SURFACE 100% FIBER GLASS. Comfort at your fingertips.

FORMAT Allround LEVEL Intermediate FREQUENCY Regular WEIGHT 350-365 gr. BALANCE EVEN (265 mm) THICKNESS 38 mm. LENGTH 455 mm. SURFACE 458 cm2